Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Elif Shafak visits Kenilworth Library

Following my mood on leaving Morocco, and conversations with my dear friend Vicki, I realised that the reason was perhaps due to my not understanding the culture.  I therefore thought to expand my understanding or rather exposure to other cultures.  I think Literature can help a lot with this.  One of my friends on Facebook has been posting superb pictures of Istanbul, and fo some time we have also been thinking of visiting Turkey.  When there was a notice at the Library that Elif Shafak,  the widest read female writer in Turkey was coming, I knew this would be of interest.  

 Last week I borrowed The Architect's Apprentice and had started to read this.

There was a good crowd in attendance, with students and lecturers from Warwick and Coventry Universities, groups made up of Book Clubs, and assorted readers like myself.  There were some very interesting questions from the floor after her short talk, to which she gave insightful answers.  I was interested to hear that Elif writes in English and her books are then translated.

I bought a book which she kindly signed.  After hearing about her past studies, travels and ideas, I look forward to reading more of her books.

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