Sunday, 14 December 2014

New tin and new cake recipe

I was very happy to receive an early Christmas present from Penny.  Not only did I get my bundt tin which I had hinted that I would like, but also a long narrow loaf tin which came in the same pack from Lidl.  Thanks so much Penny.

On Friday when David went out for his curry evening with friends, I was going to make my first cake in the bundt tin, but instead opted to try the long tin.  I chose Mrs Post's Lemon Drizzle recipe from How to Bake by Paul Hollywood.

I had not made any lemon curd so used extra lemon peel, and also used a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese which needing using up.  Penny would approve of this.  We were only talking recently of our little foible of using everything up, and not wasting food!

At the same time, well in between, I was washing and drying two of the lovely Maluka scarves knitted in hand dyed cashmere from Posh Yarns, in a lovely shade of Robin's eggs.  We normally see the Robin's red breast at Christmas, and I thought this was a lovely link for the Christmas theme.  After I knitted my first Maluka scarf  in a beautiful pale green, which I sent to a dear cousin in the Netherlands during the summer, I knitted these two during a knit along with my Kenilworth knitting friends.  I think we have knitted quite a few between us.  I have had this yarn stashed away for some time, and its been lovely to knit with.  I have enough to knit a third just for myself!  I had a long evening to myself, and boy did I spread over the whole of the living room floor.  By the morning the scarves were dry, and I got the space cleared before he upstairs came down!

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