Sunday, 21 December 2014

Soudough with proper holes using Swiss Dark Flour

There are so many variables in making sourdough, that it is hard to settle on what went right or wrong and for which reasons.  However this time I have got good holes right throughout the first loaf I cut through.  Holes in sourdough are good...but you have to eat it with the right things.

I found the recipe on Shipton Mill's site.  I was looking for a recipe to use the Dark Swiss Flour I had bought a few weeks ago.  I didn't have enough walnuts for the whole batch, so made a large plain loaf, and two smaller walnut and fennel seed loaves.

Today I had a thick slice of the walnut sourdough made with Swiss Dark Flour, with scrambled egg.  It was a delicious combination.  I had added some roasted fennel seed when I added the walnuts which came through giving a warm taste to the bread.

Yesterday I went round to Tony's, a baking buddy, who has just had a hip replacement.  To take his mind off things, we talked bread making!  Tony and I share an order from Shipton Mill, so that between us we can make up a 'free delivery' order quantity.

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  1. Do love sourdough especially with poached eggs.
    It is so hit and miss though, still trying to get it right with an inherited oven. Hoping to replace it next year...and improve the baking.
    Heather :)