Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Its been an Angie Lewin birthday

I love Angie Lewin's designs and often buy her cards, so I was really delighted with my birthday present.  Six mugs...I don't mind if my coffee is really hot and I have to wait, I just take in the fabulous details of the design.  They were not easy to find and the ladies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park were really helpful and were very good packers.

I also had bought myself a birthday present and guess what....

 As my dearly beloved made a fuss of me all day, with treats, and meals etc all done for me, I had a little time to get out my paints, and pens, and did a little doodling, inspired by the fabulous pictures in Plants and Places.  I've dated them in my book, so in years to come, I'll remember my birthday and lovely presents.

Today Penny came over with a couple of tickets to Warwick Castle so with many thanks to her we shall be visiting there soon.  The last time we visited Warwick Castle was on another birthday years ago, before we ever moved to Kenilworth.

From my son and family, a delightful woven silk picture from J & J Cash, perfect for the season.

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  1. I read this post when I was using my tablet and couldn't comment but had to return to take another look at it. I love Angie Lewin's work too and really covet those mugs! Happy Birthday!!
    (and I had no idea J & J Cash made anything other than school nametapes. What clever family you have!)