Thursday, 26 March 2015


These buns I read, are the snack of choice of the Uruguayan Police Force.  I'm still catching up with back bakes from The Book of Buns.

Again I mismanaged my day and got in a 'pickle'.  Well I was doing the washing, painting a wooden bench, administering to the sick, shopping on my bike etc etc.

With Mr S at home the timetable was a bit Topsy Turvey.  Imagine this, the dough was shaped too late, so I put the stuffed buns in the fridge as I had to go out to a committee meeting, which I had forgotten about, and when I got back, they seemed to be set very firm.  So I left them in the conservatory overnight!  I almost thought that they would have to be thrown out this morning uncooked!

This morning I coerced them back to life, using the grill space above the oven as a warming drawer, but alternating the two trays to avoid overheating. I could see that they had come back to life, and whilst I was washing up etc., baked them ready to have a couple for our breakfast.

I stuffed 10 buns with my homemade blackcurrant jam, and the other 10 with my fresh fig and sherry conserve.....

How should I describe them:  delicious buns ready filled with jam, a sort of 'Danish Pastry' without all the butter, light and tasty, a nice little morsel to have with coffee.  Have frozen a few again, so as not to have too many to eat, to keep and to savour them at a later date.

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