Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Weekend Away with visits to Hepworth Wakefield and Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Only a week before I saw that a blogging friend had been invited to paticipate in a Print Maker's Event at the Hepworth Wakefiled Gallery, and despite Mr S being rather poorly, we headed up North.

After parking up we made our way to the Gallery, to meet up with Heather and Gary of Little Ram Studio Fame.  I know how Heather loves her garden, and as if visiting a friend, I did not want to go with 'les bras ballant', so took some of my  wild pink primrose plants which are in full bloom.

It was great to meet them...and after lunch we went back again.

It was great to see their work.  The colours are rich, and the linocuts are strong, and the right size to have framed up on walls...I was really chuffed when Mr S suggested the living room for my new print.  I thought it would have been hung up in the Study.  As I have another blogging friend on my mind, it was not surprising that I chose the one called 'Daisy'.  I've had a look at Etsy and I think I shall have to keep some in mind for birthday presents.

After a little walk round the Hepworth, I knew I wanted an indepth view of some of the items, and found a great seat with a view of the river to plant Mr S down, to rest.  He was fairly poorly at this stage...but he loves old buildings more than 'modern art'.

later a close up look showed that although this is a thing of great beauty, little care is given to it, and from the dust and debris by the door, I wonder when last it was opened.  I've overexposed this on purpose as the building is so very dirty, and this shows up the detail of the carvings.

I loved the Lynda Benglis sculptures, large fanned metal pieces with the look of folded silk....

The exhibition:  British Scultors as Printmakers was really well set out,  I loved this one called Danse du Soleil by Stanley Hayter.  I'm sorry that I did not have the right light setting for this one...

I loved the large well lit space, which gave room to walk around the exhibits

The following day we set off for home, but Mr S being sweetness and kindness, agreed to stop off at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  It was from there I had sourced my Angie Lewin Mugs for my birrthday present.

In the grounds there was a Camellia House, and some large specimens were in full flower.

We enjoyed walking in the sunshine, but again I found a sunny sheltered spot for the man to rest just above the underground gallery, where there was a fabulous exhibition of some of Henry Moore's sculptures and other works called Back to the Land, but no photography there was permitted.

 I had started to wonder whether Moore did not do hands and feet as he found them difficult, but just seeing some of his detailed sketches of these, made me throw that thought right out.  There were some impressive works dotted around the wonderful landscape...Hepworth of course

Henry Moore...I had not realised that he also designed textiles, and I have just looked some up, and lots of oos and aaws escaped my lips!

Marialuisa Tadei, I took this one for my art teacher who also has mosaics as one of her mediums

Anthony Caro

and Sophie Ryder which Izzi would have loved

All in all a great and inspiring weekend away.  I was so pleased to also meet up with blogging friends.  Mr S is now tucked up trying to recover from this dreadful virus.

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  1. Lovely post and great to meet you both too!
    Hope Mr S is feeling better and that you got home safely.
    Your pretty primroses are settling in nicely here, many thanks for such a thoughtful gift.
    Heather :)