Saturday, 28 January 2017

Circular Walk from Wells

If its been raining for a few days, cross country walks will make for muddy walks.  Where we have lived before we found circular walks which were fairly clean underfoot, and last Sunday we were delighted to find a similar walk from our home.  We made towards to the Cathedral then simply followed the dog walkers and family groups out for a good Sunday walk to clear away the cobwebs.

The 'City' ends behind the Cathedral where a tarmac path leads through fields towards the boundary of Dulcote Village.  With wonderful views back towards the Cathedral and wood topped hills, it makes for a delightful walk.  We came across two fabulous cattle troughs, in to which we saw several Labradors bounce and then dive in, seeing first the expressions on the dogs' faces and then that of their owners...I wonder whether these were made as cattle troughs or whether they were used for some former manufacturing process.

There is a short walk along a pavement to DulcoteVillage, then taking a right hand turn through the village, we tagged onto a path along the Old Strawberry Line towards Morrisons, then on home.  The cycle and walk route had been carefully tended, with a few interesting sculptures along the way.  Along the left hand side was the A371 with a continual flow of traffic,  screened by a light woodland and scrub.

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