Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pure rye the sourdough way

Since this is the first time I have attempted pure rye bread, and even tasted it, I was not sure how it should taste...and was not sure I would like the taste...but having baked this and tasted it...I can truthfully say, it is delicious.  Mr S also agrees...delicious with cheese, and I do know from having read rather quite a few books on food that a good partner is Smoked Salmon.

Yesterday we had almost half the loaf sliced thinly and forming the base of open sandwiches topped with soft goat's cheese and smoked salmon, with a rather colourful salad of watercress and orange on the side.

Made with 100% dark rye and following Jane Mason's directions on page 45  of her book,  the only deviation is that I used an oval banneton as I do not have the right sized round one!  The directions say coat the proving basket with rye flakes...well my rye flakes just would not balance on the sides, so I dusted the basket with rye flour, and rolled the bread in the flakes before inverting it into the basket.  As it is rather cool as the moment, it took a little more than 5 hrs...7hrs for right level of holes on the surface, but I was happy to wait.

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