Sunday, 22 January 2017

Visiting New Garden Nursery and Making Mango Chutney

On Thursday I went for the first time this year to my new knitting group...and I was really pleased when Maggie asked if I would like to go with her on  to the Rocky Mountain Nursery which is about three miles out of Wells.  I had looked it up and had penciled in a visit for some time soon!  I thoroughly enjoyed, despite the piercing cold, helping Maggie with her choices and purchases, then helping to unload and split and spread out the bags of compost.  Only two keen gardeners could get the work done this fast in failing light.  I brought back a little pot of crocuses and a small bottle of house plant feed...

Maggie had needed to pick up another ten bags of ericaceous compost for her newly built raised bed, and she also wanted to see what the new green grocery stall which has set up at the Rocky Mountain Nursery every Thursday was like.  We are both newcomers to the area, and this market stall holder used to be in Wells and had a good reputation.

They had some good quality produce and for £2.50 you could get a whole box of mangoes...about 15 medium sized fruit.  Only last week, Mr M was lamenting the fact that  we had used up the last of stashed jars of Mango Chutney.  I was even calculating how to get the fruit on my bicycle and then back home!  Maggie gave me a lift right up to my bike!  We are visiting again next week as Maggie has put in an order for a full crate of Seville Oranges.  I can see that both the businesses will benefit from this association, people wanting fruit and veg will visit the nursery and visa versa!

I now need to get on and design and print the labels...then get these beauties stashed and maturing in a cool dark place! It was interesting making two types of Mango Chutney at the same time and seeing the effect of steeping the fruit in sugar

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