Friday, 12 May 2017

Seeing Swans and Cygnets

I've watched this pair of swans build their nest via the Bishop's Palace Webcam....I saw tourists photographing the famous family during the day, when I popped into the gardens....and when we went for a late evening amble around the City,mainly to admire the facade of Catherdral, bathed in evening sunlight, we were the only ones at the late evening outing before it was time for them to clamber back into their nest.

If you want to see really good pictures of birds...then I would recommend you visit my friend's blog.  After an OU course in photography, her pictures of birds have been giving me great pleasure


  1. Oh thank you Noelle that is very kind. I am also waiting on a pair of swans. I actually watched them mate, I feel we are on first name terms after that.. the female was still sat tight two days ago, although much more animated than she had been previously so I am hoping that we have new arrivals this weekend. Be prepared to be bombarded with cygnet photographs, I am aiming for the ultimate shot of cygnets on the back of mum ride. But we shall see..

    1. I love the way that as well maintained wonderful pictures,you are also conveying their behaviour..also you yet be benifiting from all the daylight me fresh air.