Saturday, 30 June 2018

Swallowtail Shawl

I took the yarn, needles, and instructions for the Swallowtail Shawl on Holiday.  It was very soothing re-knitting for the fifth time this lovely pattern, and spent siesta times on our terrace knitting and watching the local swallows flying around.  At Knossos there were swallows nesting in the shade of the reconstructed chamber....

Back home the weather continues as hot if not hotter than it was in Crete, and having finished the shawl just before the flight, I got down to washing and blocking it.  With the dry weather, and very low humidity, even in the shade it took less than two hours to dry to perfection. 

Everything feel into place with this shawl:  the perfect present from a friend, a lovely holiday knitting pattern, and the connection with Swallows.

Mr S decided to celebrate my official birthday.  During a special breakfast I opened my present....

Its a clear glass stacking cup and saucer and infusion pot.  I love to be able to grown my own 'tea' and this lovely dry weather is just the ticket for drying the Lemon Verbena.  The shrub that remained outside all winter is growing away well now, despite having also been moved just before the last snow.  This is the harvest from the small shrub which I overwintered in the shed.  Once it starts to regrow, I'll take more cuttings to overwinter.

Its so warm and the sun so very hot,  that some of my plants are being scorched.  Geraniums in pots have been moved to shady spots, and the row of beetroot and lettuce is sheltering under white fleece.  Normally the fleece is used for winter protection, but here it is acting as sun protection.  I waterlast thing at night, and leave the fleece off to aid air circulation.  In the morning, I pick that days lettuce...currently thinnings, and replace the fleece just before the sun comes round.


  1. Beautiful shawl, lovely colour and knitting.

    1. Thanks beautifully with a white blouse. Shall have to wait for some cooler weather to wear it.