Monday, 15 June 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Dark

Cathy this week has sweetpeas arranged beautifully a little posy.  Light and airy, and I look forward to seeing other arrangements from others joining in with Cathy's weekly In a Vase on Monday gathering.

Just how dark red can a rose get?  

What a wonderful perfume from just a single stem but with multiple roses.  Rose Munstead Wood is here paired with some stems from Phlomis  pupurea Matagallo. Its pink flowers are now largely over, but I love the woolly stems and the seed pods along the stem.  I chose stems that were growing from low down and had taken on a more twisty form.  The flowers have been a favourite of  bumblebees.  

The Vase is one which belonged to my parents.  It was brought back by my father from Japan, when I was very young, as a present for my mother, and it is one of my very favourite vases.  Each time I use it it brings back happy memories.


  1. The second picture is a very painterly photograph and in the first the shapes show so well against the plain wall. Just right. Lovely.

  2. I do love Munstead Wood! You have a rich and perfumed vase there! Beautiful. I had a Munstead Wood rose in my tiny border in the garden but it was just getting too big for the space, and the intense dark colour of the flower was a little too dark for that flowerbed (if you see what I mean!) so I moved it to the area we have outside the garden. It is blooming but not nearly as profusely as it did in the garden. Probably needs feeding! Lovely vase! A

  3. We share similar flower color and vase shapes this week! Yours has the perfect scale and balance. The rose is beautiful.

  4. Munstead Wood is one of my very favourite roses so it is a delight to see it in your vase, and I have been hankering after a pink or purple phlomis for some time, so that makes your vase doubly attractive - and then there is the actual vase itself, which looks so tactile and shapely. It's win win win today, Noelle - thank you!

  5. That's a most striking vase Noelle. I have 'Munstead Wood'. Not only are the flowers so delicious they smell as a rose should.

  6. What a gorgeous rose! I wish I could smell it. I recently planted Phlomis purpurea in my own garden, having previously killed it. Of course, only a week after it was planted, we had our first heatwave but I managed to get it through that with just a couple of singed leaves. As summer is definitely here, I've been keeping my eye on it and my fingers crossed.

  7. The rose lloks as if it is made out of velvet. What a pleasing combination with a Japanese feel to it.

    1. Thanks Sandra, the vase is just perfect for simple arrangements.