Monday, 8 June 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Early June?

Looking at the garden, it is easy to see that it has been having a hard time.  The ravages of sun and lack of rain are showing as if on a weather beaten face.  Early June should be lush and full of promise.  The season seems to have peaked too soon.  Plants are under stress, and seeds are ripening, but just how viable will they be?

 A quick snip back on Geranium Joy made me wonder just how viable will the delicate flowers be in a vase?  If this arrangement lasts more that one day I shall be content.  Last week's vase is still vibrant, and I had not realised just how well Geranium Capricorn would last.  Its always worth a try.  Today's lot are not florists flowers which are selected to last several days, but mostly just look very natural and laid back in the garden.

Linaria purpurea Canon Went are the pale pink toadflax spires with miniature snapdragon blooms.  There are a few white Love in the Mist with a couple of seed capsules.  A couple of stems of  Erigeron karvinskianus to give a little movement, and a grey stem of Ballota pseudodictamnus.

A little bunch of ripening seeds from Geranium maculatum 'Elizabeth Ann'.  


  1. So pretty Noelle, like an old-fashioned posy, and the linaria and geranium and erigeron are perfect bedfellows - thanks for sharing them. We have had some rain here, enough to properly soak into the ground, and it has made such a difference. By the way, after last week I checked on my pelargoniums and they are actually flowering really well!

  2. Such a sweet pretty vase. One that soothes the soul and pleases the eye. I hope it lasts longer than a day to give you pleasure as it has me.
    Hope you get some rain!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing weather woes, Noelle. Your cut flowers may be transient but they're delicate beauty is worth enjoying up close. I was able to grow a lot of the true geraniums in my former garden but regrettably they can't tolerate the drier, windier conditions of my current garden. I used to grow that same Linaria too - *SIGH* On the other hand, Erigeron karvinskianus is a weed here.

  4. All most pretty in pink Noelle. I do hope that you have had some rain this last week. We've had a bit then a most cracking thunderstorm last night accompanied by torrential rain.

    1. Yes I think the dry soil emergency if over, I do like a thunderstorm: just think of all that nitrogen washed into the soil for the plants.