Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Stone Dinner

There is a fable about 'Stone Soup', told to me many years ago, and I tend to use this term when I have no idea what we are going to eat.  Thankfully its not because we have run out of edibles or the wherewithal to acquire them, or will actually go hungry.  It is for those days when planning has gone to pot, or I am not in the mood, or that time has slipped by.  Of course a wonderful dish of baked beans on toast can always assuage hunger pangs.

The last post I happened to have read before dinner yesterday was one from my friend Karen who lives and works in Spain.  Karen is a great traveler and gourmet, and with the restaurants now opening she felt she would like to support her local hostelry.   She and her daughter were astounded as groups met up for lunch completely flaunting the health measures, and she also felt she could have eaten better at home.  I happened to say to her that we could always post pictures of our home cooked meals.

Mr S is very accommodating, and said on account of the heat, he thought something simple...but I was in the 'zone', and imagining Karen, who does no eat meat,  knocking on the door,  just had a look through the fridge...there were only odds and ends.  Half a tub of thawed baked ironbark pumpkin...what could I make with this?  With bits and pieces such as an onion, herbs from the garden, some lovely local sheep's cheese, roasted hazel nuts, etc....oh and the magic of heat, seasoning and olive oil....afterward this picture garnished with home grown basil.

Don't worry there won't be post after post on meals...we are usually far too hungry and wanting to sit down and get stuck in, to get the camera out.  

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