Saturday, 29 May 2021

Six on Saturday - 29 May 2021

 Hopefully that warmer drier weather is really on the horizon. On the odd day this week when the sun has been bright some plants have wilted under the unaccustomed draw of their water reserves.  Does this indicate too much top growth and insufficient root?  The ground is wet enough after all the rains. Maybe one of the visitors to this post will leave an explanation.

1. The wonderful looking young cucumber plants that I had been nurturing in the conservatory, were put out in a large pot in the garden about three weeks ago when I thought the threat of frosts were over, but given the rain, strong winds and very low light, they have decided to pop their clogs.  There was just too much wet soil around their roots. A lesson to me for next year to only pot up to the next sized container and keep the plants in the conservatory. A couple of weeks ago I planted a couple more seeds just as an insurance. I have yet to sow the runner beans, as I was waiting for the possible repeat of the perennial growth from the roots left in, but they have probably rotted away.  Time to sow fresh seed this coming week. 

2. I've noticed that some of the eryngiums are beginning to 'move'.

Eryngium bourgatii 's prettily variegated leaves cradle the rain drops, or else they are held at the tips of the leaves. I have it growing in the area where the oreganos will be flowering in a few weeks time.

3. The Hardy Geraniums are also starting to make their presence known, growing and hiding the dying leaves of bulbs. 

G. maculatum 'Beth Chatto' in a slightly shaded spot is looking pale and interesting above perfect leaves. The slugs and snails are avoiding this one.

4. I have two plants of Ragged Robin: the colloquial name for Silene flos-cuculi.  I grew it from seed which came with a gardening magazine, and it looks quite at home in the garden.  I love to spot this plant when we go for walks and now I need not go far. The rain has quite suited it.

5. Achillea × lewisii 'King Edward' over on the other side of the garden in the gravel garden is leaves a pool of  sophisticated pale yellow which glowed under that large full moon earlier in the week.

6.  The pale creamy yellow is just the right tone to lead the eye to Erodium Fran's Delight.  I don't think any other plant in the garden can beat the long flowering of this little gem.  Even with heavy rain she is undaunted, so wait till the sun comes out! Dead heading obviously helps....


The Prop is home and posting and recovering from his very long run.  Angel Wings not his, feature this week as week as a few others from his garden.  I'm joining him, and will also be able to read others contributions from there,


  1. An attractive selection of plants, especially the erodium and geranium, both of which strike me as very nice.

  2. It's nice to see some Ragged Robin. I have some coming up here and there although I never have any luck keeping the white variety going for some reason.

  3. Lovely selection of plants. The achillea and geranium are my favourites I think.
    Some of my plants definitely have lots of top growth but sometimes small flowers. It's been a strange year for them weather wise.

  4. I made the same mistake as you with my cucumbers, I lost 2. Fortunately, I kept 2 of them in a pot ( in the gh) but now I hesitate to plant them. The sun and the heat are coming, but the ground is not yet warm enough for the season. Let's be careful…
    Eryngiums... I love these flowers !

  5. The Achillea looks right at home in the gravel garden. Some plants just look so good offset against the gravel.

    On the subject of Cucumbers: the two of mine I put in to the greenhouse are really struggling, in fact I think one of them might have given up completely; the two I had left over, which were left by the back door 'till I decided what to do with them, are absolutely fine! Sometimes these things remain a mystery!

  6. The geranium is a most attractive one Noelle and your little erodium a gem. Sorry to hear about the sad demise of the cucumbers and that your runner beans haven't reappeared this year. Still time is on your side as far as the runner beans go šŸ˜„

  7. I've added four plants to my wishlist from this week's SOS, and now a fifth... Erodium. Everything that you mentionsounds good about it!
    I too got Ragged Robin free (with Amateur Gardening, just before they stopped seeds to Ireland. I suppose I'd better sow it.

    1. Mine came from either English Gardens or Gardens Illustrated. Hope you have room to grow all of these Padraig, on the whole I choose smallish plants to fill small places.

  8. Always 8nterestingbto see what treasures you are growing, Noelle