Monday, 4 October 2021

In a Vase on Monday

The Mexican bush Sage: Salvia Leucantha probably Purple Velvet is the sole subject in a little cut glass vase.  This plant arrived late last year in a giffy bag, from one of my SOS friends.  With attention to its needs, and a little warmth, it made its way through the winter and was planted out in May.  After waiting patiently the shrub is now in full flower, and I challenge anyone to walk past without carressing its purple fluffy flowers.

With its white woolly stems it is a great plant, but it is tender.  A few soft wood cutting have been taken, and I hope to take a few more of the heavier stems in a week or two.  This is a late flowering Salvia and although it showed some colour over the last two or three weeks, it is now an absolute picture.

How do you capture the soft velvety texture? Now that colour in velvet would make a fabulous winter evening dress just the colour of my Amethysts.

I am sure there will be arrangements of garden grown plants to be enjoyed over on Cathy's blog: Rambling in the Garden.



  1. What a gorgeous colour! It's a colour that straddles summer and autumn I think! Really lovely! Amanda.

  2. Noelle, I like the plant and the sweeping rhythm of how you have arranged it in the vase. Good color to have in the garden.

  3. That is a pretty salvia, Noelle - would it normally be so late to start flowering, or is it because it was still young? Mind you my Salvia 'Phyllis Fancy is not flowering yet so she's definitely leaving it a bit late. I love the habit of yours

  4. I love Mexican bush sage. Your flowers looks 100% better than my own. I'm going to blame our very dry conditions for the scruffy appearance of mine ;)