Monday, 11 July 2016

Batter Bread with Cranberry and Blueberry

This is the second time I have baked this sourdough Batter Bread.  The recipe is on page 30 of Perfecting Sourdough.  The refreshed starter was quite lively, and I was looking forward to a better rise than last time.

Here is the batter just before I added the fresh cranberries,  defrosted from the freezer, and fresh sweet blueberries.  I had bought some lovely large ones from the greengrocer,

Here is the loaf out of the oven and cooling on the rack.  It makes a pretty large square loaf mearring 20x20cm.  This is too large for us to handle unless of course, we were to have a large group visit.  Cut into three it goes into the freezer.

I used the same fruit combination as last time, but I find the cranberries a little too tart, and next time will follow some of the tips given on the page:  and choose another combination.  I may also bake it in some loaf tins.

Whilst I was watching the Wimbledon final my hero came up with an afternoon snack to keep up my energies.  After several hours ironing, I just had to sit down and watch the closing set with a slice dressed up with English strawberries to represent Andy Murray, and Canadian Maple Syrup for Milos Raovic, and a little dollop of Sheep's yogurt.

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