Sunday, 10 July 2016

Powis Castle Gardens

We set out for our little holiday, with a scheduled stop at Powis Castle, where we planned to have lunch and explore the garden and Castle.

Along the public road leading up to the Castle we were amazed by the avenues of very tall trees, some of the tallest I have seen.  The soil must be very deep and fertile, and the area sheltered from strong winds.

A stunning feature was the huge yew hedge

when we stopped on a shady bench, and had an h'edge' view, I was sure I could spy at least a couple of rabbits hiding.  Its like looking at clouds and finding pictures!

The gardens were at their very best, and I loved the way they were set out, with paths alongside long borders,

on the hillside above which the Castle lends a regal backdrop.

The plants were beautifully cared for. We came across two volunteer gardeners, and spent some nice moments chatting with them about their work and the garden.

Later I was trying to see if there was a name label, at just the time the head gardener was passing....he pulled out the strong name stake for me to take a picture, then expertly put it back but where it was clearly visible.  I love the colour and form of Rodgersia Pinnata Rosea.

It was the most glorious and sunny day, and we walked through the cool shade of the wooded area, before going into the Castle.

How about this for a double nasturtium.  This is the second year I have been growing nastutiums in the garden, and love their form and colours.  Having looked this one up, it was a favourite in Victorian times, it is sterile, and is grown from cuttings...I may just be on the look out for this one next spring time.  The Galeria Orientalis looked wonderful in the sunshine....

I also loved the texture and form of this:  Phlomis Longifolia var Bailanica.  I've grown phlomis before in other gardens, but this one looked really special and I am sure it would look good with dried stems and seed heads during the winter too.  I wonder if it can be grown from seed?

Their roses too were at their peak, such Constance Spry

which had been beautifully tied up against this wall.  The warmth of the sunshine brought out the wonderful perfume.

The Castle itself was very interesting but no photography was allowed there.  If you only have an hour or so, and you love gardens...then leave the house for another time!

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