Sunday, 17 July 2016

Erodium pelargoniflorum 'Sweetheart'

Our gardening club has 'blossomed' in the last eighteen months.  The need to raise more funds from visits to member' gardens and plant sales, to pay quality lecturers has really enriched my gardening interest.

Recently I bought a little plant raised from seed by Janet called Erodium pelargoniflorum 'Sweetheart', a 'storksbill' .  Geraniums are commonly called cranesbills!  It was just a little more than a plug plant size, and I decided to pot in on and have it as a little specimen on the patio.  Since the slugs seemed to be attracted to it, it found its home on top of the stone patio table.

This evening the little plant was displaying both its sweet little flowers, which have five white petals with rose spots and veins, and also its great seed heads.

 I know that dead heading really does promote more flowers, but  I have been watching the candelabra arrangement of the seed pods form over the last few days: green topped with red at the tips are the 'Storks' bills'.  I am enjoying looking at the details of the flower buds too...

I hope that it will overwinter...

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