Friday, 15 July 2016

Sourdough Millet Bread and Buns for the weekend

I felt like baking some more sourdough, but I just did not feel like getting too far ahead in baking through the recipes in Perfecting Sourdough.  I still have some millet flour left over from trying this recipe some months ago and also now have some millet seeds.

Jane Mason has a good Sourdough Miltet Bread recipe on her website Virtuous Bread.  I based my dough on this one, but used 75% wholemeal and 25% white flour for the wheat flour, of course the rye sourdough starter and the millet four.  I refreshed the starter just after lunch, and by 8 pm it was pretty active so I finished off the kneading etc at about 9 pm, and set the dough in the fridge to rise.

This morning I took it out, let it hang around whilst we had breakfast, then shaped it and left the loaves to rise on parchment lined baking sheets, covered in plastic bags.

For the buns, I incorporated the dregs of the fruit and fibre cereal moistened with a little milk, and added a chopped up banana.The raw buns were pretty soft and not too easy to shape, but the ended up looking rather rustic and charming.  These will form the basis of our breakfast tomorrow...well only a bun or so each!

I thought to add some whole millet berries to decorate them, and had these soaking overnight.

By the time the bread was out of the oven, I was ready for my morning coffee...and the 'baker's bun'.  It tastes delicious....

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