Saturday, 31 March 2018

Earliest Strawberry Jam

We are both self confessed preserve lovers.  Maybe we have different tastes...he loves Strawberry and Blackcurrant the most, I like all others....I particularly love chutneys and pickles, and have even set up another blog to talk about them.  

Mr S has had to revert to shop bought strawberry and blackcurrant preserves and has admitted that even my least successful batches are way better than the best we have bought.  When I walked into our local supermarket yesterday I was taken by a 1Kg 'crate' of strawberries.  They were the large imported ones but very fresh and in perfect condition.  Last year I made some successful batches using locally grown strawberries...but needs must.

Just in case you want to read what in on the Little Heart that my friend Jayne gave me it is

Happiness is time spent in the Kitchen...

Of course I also love to read, garden, spend time with friends, gallivant etc etc...

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