Sunday, 4 March 2018

Easily identified garden birds and some others

When you are sitting having your lunch there is always a cheeky robin who is ever so grateful for fresh water just after the snow melt.

It is still so cold but the sun is shining and there's time for even more washes

Even the Fieldfare is happy that more chopped apples have been put out.

But then we see an unusual shape in the distance and have to get out the binoculars.

Any ideas what this bird is?

We have pheasants strutting around as well as pigeons.  It caught a pigeon on the floor, flew off then came back to its view point.  Any suggestions please....


  1. I have had suggestions: female sparrow hawk....but the jury says it is Buzzard on account of its size. Yes it is bigger that a pigeon.

  2. Most likely a buzzard I think. We see them here sitting atop the telegraph poles. How lovely to see your birds so close.