Monday, 12 March 2018

In a Vase on Monday - Not at all

Its not at all right, but I feel in so many ways that this is a metaphor for where I am just now.  Not really at home but hanging on there......

I was in the strangest of moods yesterday.  I had had a lovely morning visiting the Rare Plants Fair at the Bishop's Palace  where I acquired a few gems for the garden, and visiting the Rocky Mountain Nursery for my climbing Iceberg rose, and a few other items.  On my return home a heavy and immovable malaise of spirit fell upon me......I could find no reason, no explanation....

Waking up this morning I did feel a little better, but was not going to post anything.  I am not going to listen to the news, I shall metaphorically wrap myself up in moss.  Garden, read, knit and commune with nature, all those activities which sooth the soul.

I looked across at the Crassula growing out of its little moss egg.  This Kokedama was brought over by Sandra when she and Alison came over for a Sunday of Snowdrops.

It may not be all right...there is no vase, it is not my creation, except for the staging on some of my stone collection. 

However thinking back on the lovely day with friends made through In a Vase on Monday, it has made me count my blessings.....

Spring is still under wraps with Kathy..and she has captured that feeling beautifully with her arrangement...Do go and see how she has captured the spirit of the day.


  1. IAVOM does not need a vase, and hearing about the pleasure this arrangement generated for you just goes to prove that it fits the bill. What a thoughtful post today, Noelle, and hope your blessings continue to make themselves known to you

  2. I'm glad you had this Kokedama to remind you of that time out with friends. I get in strange inward-thinking moods sometimes too, too much in my own head. Friends made through blogging are the best.

  3. I love this mossy vase and your simple stone staging....makes for a wonderful stage to welcome spring soon with all the green.

  4. Love this. Lovely textures. And like an egg!

  5. Noelle, glad you found energy and inclination to put together a vase today. Hope you get a chance to get deeper into gardening and reaping the rewards very soon.

  6. Oh, Noelle, I sympathize. I've had my own intermittent attacks of the blues lately. In my case, I blame the news (or, more specifically, some of the people that create a never-ending sense of turmoil in my country). Limiting news exposure and increasing time with friends and time in the garden all help.

  7. Awww, so pleased that the little Kokodama gift gave you some cheer. it is looking so perky atop the stones. :-)

  8. Let's hope the gloom has lifted and you are enjoying the sunshine today. I might have to take off my thermal vest! Your Kokodama looks very good still and extra special that it reminds you of a happy day. x

  9. I am so glad you took part this week, despite your mood. I have also experienced horrible days of absolute dark despair this winter - for no apparent reason, but perhaps world events have also contributed. I think many of us have felt it recently... Your moss is such a lovely soft cocoon for the roots of your plant, and the rocks are a solid symbol of security. The more I look at this the more I like it. :)

  10. Oh what a most pleasing to the eye creation Noelle. I hope that you are finding comfort and pleasure from those activities you cherish.

  11. that looks like a tiny spekboom.
    Portulacaria afra
    When it is bigger, you can eat the leaves in salad for a lemony bite.

    1. Thanks for introducing me to the spekboom, Diana. Now that I have read about it, it is definitely on my list of plants to look out for. Since I love succulents and trying different foods the Portulacaria afra has a lot of appeal, plus the form and shapes are very attractive.The plant in the Kokedama which Sandra gave me is definetely Crassula Ovata...the rocks are quite large, which make the leaves of the crassula seem smallish.