Saturday, 26 October 2019

Dropping into Bridge Pottery on Gower

During out week on Gower, on one of our few trips out, we went to see what was on the north side of Gower.  We happened to pass a sign saying Pottery.....We were in luck, the Pottery was open, and the artist 'at home'  I would say no trip to The Gower Peninsula would be complete without a visit to view Micki's Gallery.  Do check opening times....

Mr S kindly stopped, pulled up on the road side opposite the pretty Church.  Alongside the Pottery the Burry Pill flows down the hill, under the Bridge, borders the Church Grounds then winds down to the salt marshes beyond, and forms a beautiful boundary visible from the large windows of the Gallery.

We were made welcome, and left to view the beautiful works.  The glazes were eyecatching , subtle and varied.

Outside the open sided kilns with all the paraphernalia is visually appealing too...

Micki Schlosessingk is an accomplished artist who loves her work and sharing it.

Mr S was much taken with the cupping bowls...but looking at the internal surface pattern of this one, and thinking of its many uses, this is the wood-fired salt-glazed pot I brought home:

Studio wood-fired salt-glazed stoneware bowl by Micki Schloessingk

At the moment it is filled with my tomatoes which are still slowly ripening, but are shortly to be roasted.

After that we went a short way and stopped for refreshments at the local Community Shop at Llanmadoc.  Lovely coffee and tea and cake, and other 'vittles' bought.  On the tables were very tasteful arrangements in vases from the Pottery!

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