Monday, 28 October 2019

In a Vase on Monday - Coming indoors

Its always a little surprise when the weather turns cold.  Indoors seems to be the place to be, or is it?  When it is bright and sunny, as it is this morning, the outdoors calls again.  There are however tender plants which could catch a chill. 

Whereas many fuchsias err on the pink side of the spectrum...this one is more definitely towards the coral.  I haven't a clue what its name is, I grew it from a cutting taken from a stem of a bloom which was part of a little posy given to me by a great gardening lady and plantswoman Janet,  in Kenilworth, probably about six years ago.  Each year I have put it away somewhere sheltered away from frosts for the winter.   

Yesterday it had its trim so that the plant can fit on a shelf in the shed...

Its pretty blooms came indoors.....

I am going to have a peep at Cathy's the vase and her use of faded glories, that is where you can go to catch up with other In a Vase on Mondays.


  1. That fuchsia certainly deserves predicting, Noelle. It's a beauty. I'd hope my shade house would be the trick in allowing me to grow fuchsias in my current location but, so far at least, the results have been disappointing. Drying winds, blowing more frequently than not, may be a factor but I don't entirely understand the problem. I had much more success growing them in my old garden just 15 miles away.

    1. Thanks Kris....sorry to hear that in your current garden that they don't have the right conditions. Fuchsias I am learning are quite varied, and thankfully easy to grow from cuttings.

  2. A coral fuchsia seems to be a different character altogether somehow