Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Plant of the Month October 2019 - Chrysanthemum Great Dixter

Its is not a surprise that Brian has pipped me to the post this month and also that he chose Asters.  Just to offer something a little different the Plant of the Month, for September here in my garden, and still going very strong now, is Chrysanthemum Dixter Orange.

The two pictures taken early this morning, show all the blooms facing the rising evening they face towards the conservatory, and look magnificent in the Autumn sunshine.  

They made very good cut flowers as evidenced by some of my recent In a Vase on Monday vases.

Earlier this year in January, a plant in a small pot arrived from Ballyrobert Gardens.  Yes that is early but I have to do a little post Christmas shopping!   I made two further plants from cuttings of the newly emerging shoots.  By mid August they were flowering.

The flowers hold well in both sun and rain, and only the first to emerge have gone over, been cut out, and there are still many more buds ready to open to keep a fine display for the whole of October.

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