Thursday, 10 October 2019

Tanacetum densum ssp amani

Tanacetum densum subs amani

The plant, also known as 'Partridge feathers'was first planted in the back garden, as soon as a space became available, as we were working on creating the back garden from scratch.  It has flourished there for the past couple of years.  However during the last very wet spell its leaves became a little soggy and it seemed to fall out of my favour: plants were encroaching, or was it encroaching other more choice ones?   Also I learnt today that the conditions there: rich moisture retentive soil, some shading less than favourable.

Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, and I decided something else would do better in its place.   I dug up the plant this afternoon...and brought up the plant label so that I could make a note of its removal from the garden.  The Tanacetum desum subs amani had been planted before I had started my plant database, which was why I could not find it I looked on my blog and found it!  The label at the time of purchase misidentified the plant, but I must have found this out at the time of writing the post.  I do remember growing this plant is a previous garden.....

On reading further about this plant, I've learnt that it comes from hot dry rocky areas in southeastern Turkey....a perfect plant for my newly created front garden...which is following the theme of Mediterranean planting as far as possible...since it is very sunny and hot in the summer, and well drained....I am going for a garden with very little watering.

The plant has been rescued and has now been planted in more favourable conditions...and I hope it survives its trauma, and thrives there...If not a new plant will be have to be sourced!

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  1. Beautiful. I noticed this when I visited. It looks as though it's been knitted which is very appropriate! Fingers crossed is survives.