Sunday, 22 December 2019

Christmas 2019

As I approach the big day I try to understand the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions I go through.  Last year I went through some pointers to help me through the 'dark days' in a better frame of mind.  So much is put out there about what people have or don't have, we are urged to buy more and more, send out cards, consume more, etc.

For a couple of years I thought each time of reducing the Christmas Cards I send.  As I went through the address book, I felt I had to send some, but then felt bad as I opted to just think about friends but not send cards.  On receipt of cards first I think about the person, then battle with the 'guilt' if I have not sent one.  I am not a person with a check list working out who has not sent me a card, so if you have not sent one, thanks for that.  I have boxes of cards received in previous years in the attic: cards I could not throw out: pretty cards, hand made cards, cards from special friends etc.

This year I happened to make a handmade card at our November WI meeting when we had a speaker who had brought a whole lot of material to make cards and we were each expected to make one.  This one involved lots of sticking and cutting out several layers to give a raised effect for these two children on their sleight.   Only one very special family was due to receive was given over yesterday.

What I do love to do is to bake and should anyone drop round whilst there is some left, they will be offered a slice of Stolen baked as per Andrew Whitley's recipe except for the addition of dried cherries with the all the fruit soaked in some of my remaining special Rum.

Happy Christmas to all my fellow bloggers who come and read my posts and also to my much loved family and friends scattered around the World.


  1. Christmas blessings, enjoy your day Noelle.

  2. Happy Christmas to you Noelle. I bought cards but haven't managed to send any yet. It could still happen. Your handmade one is very nice. The Stolen looks amazing. Peace to you.

  3. Noelle, wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year! I hope that you have much fun in your garden in 2020 xxx