Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Sweet Pastry and Christmas Mincemeat Pies

Going back a few years my most favoured flour supplier was Shipton Mill where we loved to pick up our order, and later when we moved, I found a baking buddy and shared a 'post free' delivery on account of the bulk order.  Now relocated further south, I get 8Kg bags from our local shop: The Good Earth, of stone ground organic flour from Stoates and Sons and I like to pick up different types of flours on my travels, as well.

Yeasted bread is my thing, however I am a little nervous of pastry.  I do however have a periodic bulk making of mincemeat, usually for stuffing jacket apples.  I remembered reading Clive Mellum's unusual technique for making pastry in 'My Life in Baking 50 years on'.  "Impossible to overwork this", "It will be short and pliable even after the second mix"...he is telling the truth!

I shall never be daunted when making pastry again and will write a few extra tips down on the recipe page in the book.  This lot was made yesterday and are ready for a quick warm up and a dusting of icing sugar tomorrow. 

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