Thursday, 26 December 2019

Mystery Christmas Gift

Beautifully made out of wood, attractively packaged in brown paper with pretty string, smooth and silky, heavy....suggestions of what to use this for in the comments below please.  (Update: Acacia Wood)

Other treasured Christmassy things included a Christmas Tree Box made with a group of friends led by Kay, and a Gingerbread Biscuit brooch a present from a previous Christmas from Izzi.  Around this time of year I attach it to one of my hats. 

In addition to this a great nibble made by Veronica and Izzi nicely presented in a new Kilner storage jar were Italian Taralli, and another jar of home made sweet delicacies of fudge, and chocolates.


  1. Is it a pestle? For pounding spices?

    1. The more ideas and more opportunities to use it in different ways the better. What a good idea Diana, I shall certainly use it for that.

    2. The official title of this lovely 'pestle' is a Pickle Packer.