Sunday, 15 December 2019

Cider in Somerset

On the outskirts of Shepton Mallet is a magnificent Victorian series of buildings which originally housed The Anglo-Bavarian Brewery from 1860s.  Now called The Anglo Trading Estate, they house a number of local businesses.  A few weeks ago I heard from a fellow 'French Conversation' member that there was to be an open day of art and cider tasting.

Today we went to meet  Martin Berkeley, owner of Pilton Cider and tasted some of the special ciders he makes.

These are your 'top drawer' ciders and made with such knowledge and care.  We were looking for something special for our Christmas Day and will be able to celebrate with a local speciality.  

Angela Morley who has many talents was using the space to exhibit some of her works...and whereas Mr S took in details of ciders, my attention was caught by her ceramics, and sculptures informed by her great training and interest in plants and design.

A few bits came home with us small bits...but wouldn't those huge basket sculptures look wonderful in some large garden?

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