Monday, 16 December 2019

Visit to the American Museum in Bath

The Prop mentioned a visit to the American Museum in his post on Saturday,  which got me scrolling through my blog to find my notes and pictures from my visit early this year at the start of July.  I must have been because we were out and about so much as well as working on the house, I found that the pictures were still 'in the can', and no notes taken.

Our WI went out to the Museum on our summer outing and were taken round the garden by Head Gardener Andrew Cannell. I remember it as being really hot and sunny.  Here are some of the pictures, I took notes, but have yet to retrieve them.  They had laid on special attractions as part of the 4th of July festivities with a music outdoors...

The Kaffe Fassett Exhibition as well as the Museum's own collection is housed seperately to the main Mansion.  Having visited several times a couple of decades ago, I find it a wonderful day out, and now the garden is nearly redeveloped look forward to visiting it again maybe next year, when some of the planting will have become most established.

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