Monday, 24 February 2020

Down in the nearby Caves

As well as Cheddar Cheese and our favourite Goat's Cheese maturing in the caves, today a band of fellow members of the Wells U3A Geology group went down into the depths...

For a report on cave 20 see 


  1. Wow! I have never been. Thank you for taking us with you Noelle.

  2. Why isn't 'Cheddar cheese' defended like champagne, sherry etc? Why can anyone make Cheddar cheese! (My Swiss MIL used to call it chatter cheese - she loved it)

    1. 'West Country Farmhouse Cheddar' has protected status according to the EU. I think too many farmers outside Cheddar were making Cheddar type cheese for protection to be viable. In any case anyone who has eaten the real thing and likes it, thinks it is worth paying the difference in price. Of course, many people have grown to like the taste of other 'Cheddar'cheeses. We have some great cheese makers in this area making lovely cheeses. There are also caves in Cheddar that are used to use the cheese.

  3. Oh that looks like a fascinating visit Noelle. I'm a member of my local U3A - it's fairly new and still small. No Geology group as yet but maybe one day in the future.

  4. Wonderful pictures and the cheese looks great too.