Sunday, 23 February 2020

More fermenting

Back in November I had a day with Katie Veneer,  on her course: 'An introduction to Fermented Drinks and Vegetables'.  This was after a few months at home working with water and milk kefirs.  The jar of wild fermented 'piccalilli' is now finished.  Once I had served it with a salad lunch, Mr S kept on asking for it.

I now have a copy of Asa Simonsson's book: Fermentation, one of many books on the topic, borrowed from the library.  It was the one book I decided to buy....When my friend Mandy became interested in the first ferment that I posted, she asked me what book would I recommend.  I said if you needed just one book, I suggested my go to book: Fermentation.  We shall most probably be working through that book together over the next few months.

Only a few days ago, Mandy who is also a 'Sourdough Enthusiast' and I decided to join an on line 3 day fermentation course.  It is really a lead up to a paid for course, and for the moment the first three days will be a way for us to become immersed in the topic.  Mandy also suggested watching The Homesteading Family.  Carolyn has a lovely disposition and gives clear and practical advice and recipes. What I like is that Carolyn suggests using things you may already have...

With a little change to the ingredients: some orange peel left from my breakfast orange, some lovely bright green young fronds from the garden fennel, and a teaspoon of fennel seed.

The salt I used was a special one brought as present with loads of minerals

Adding the seeds and herbs

And a little pounding with my Pickle Packer, another lovely present. saw the juices running..  I remembered Carolyn's tip about using something you already have to weigh down the carrots so that they are below the surface.  I happen to have a smaller jar and its lid is very nearly the same size as the jar.

Finally the jar is closed, and I mark the outside with the date of making and the in about three days little bubbles should be forming, and then it will be time to move it to the fridge.

A taste report will follow in a few days. There may also be a link to Mandy should she post!

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  1. Fabulous flavour, and well worth making. It stood in for a 'salad in a jar' for several lunches, of course with other things too. The smell taste and texture was excellent, and no salad dressing oil etc required for the whole meal.