Monday, 3 February 2020

In a Vase on Monday - Harmony in Blue

What a great way of logging beautiful flowers and their differing season.  Cathy this week is posting on the green theme. Do join in or just enjoy viewing Vases on Monday which was Cathy's great idea to bring us together.

This week and for the past week, the bright blue blooms on the Iris Reticulata Harmony have been adding a joyful tone to the garden.  Snowdrops apart, this is surely the Plant of the Month.  However it is only the first week of February, and no doubt other precious spring beauties will be vying for Plant of the Month.

Iris Reticulata Harmony In a Vase

A few leaves from the fern leaved corydalis: Corydalis cheilanthifolia join in a small vase to show off the iris with their intricately marked falls, all set against an old linen napkin.  There is a veining on the peals of darker blue, which I am finding hard to capture. 

There are sort of blooms that demand very close attention.  In the garden they have been adding an eyecatching splash of colour, and I showed them in the garden as part of Saturday's SOS  Cutting and bringing them indoors where one can easily admire their beauty if a bonus. 

Seeing that I am spending some time upstairs, the little posy has now settled on the windowsill.  The birds are beginning to tune up, but the little Jade bird who has migrated across the globe is quite still and quiet.

I can understand how these early flowering iris are often chosen to grow in pots for displays during the winter.

In the Southern Hemisphere and particularly in Australia, people are fighting the ravages of drought and fire.  Having just joined the Wells WI bookclub, I had this one thrust in my hand.  We are able to borrow many editions from our local library which is a wonderful service.  I really could not put this book down for long, it was gripping, and look forward to the discussions when we meet after netball next week.  At least it made me feel grateful for the rain we are having.


  1. The markings on these little iris are delightful, aren't they? As you suggest, they demand closer inspection, and I love the shot from above with the linen napkin underneathm showing off the detail and the lovely foliage of the corydalis. They are in a sweet little vase too. I am always interested to hear what you are reading, and sometimes following them up. But netball too? Well done you!

  2. I had never played netball until last Autumn when we started up walking netball. We have so many laughs, and I can even get the ball in, the nets seem to be ever so high!

  3. A gorgeous splash of colour. Things are definitely moving!

  4. Such exquisite markings on those irises Noelle. I read 'The Dry' last year and as you say it was one of those books that was hard to put down. I've got the author's other two books lined up on my Kindle 😄