Sunday, 16 February 2020

Teasel Socks

Early January my friend Maggie having returned from one of her trips brought me a gift.  We are both knitters, and all the way from Australia this fine hank of yarn was gratefully received.  Of course it was soft,and a subtle pink shade called Cowrie.

Saltwater Yarns from Western Australia

One evening I brought it out, and hung it on my swift, and spent time gently winding the yarn into a 'cake'.  The only cake being the woolly kind.

Swift mounted yarn

I was supposed to sorting out all my copies of The Knitter, trying to turf out old copies.  I came across 'Teasel Socks' by Jane Burns on the very day I was sorting out my seeds and found some Eryngiums seeds.  Eryngiums are not quite teasels but not that dissimilar, so the pattern was decided. I haven't yet found one edition I am prepared to part with yet, but I ought to get round to it.

I am completely converted to knitting socks on circular needles.

With a little adjustment to the pattern, the ribbing on the cuffs runs well into the body of the sock.

Twisted Ribbing flowing into the  stiches of the pattern.

The pattern is easy to follow from the chart, which I had written up on a grid, and mark as I finish each row.

Knitting is a soothing and mesmerising pastime and helps to ground me even when storms are buffeting the house.

These have taken me just about one month to knit.....


  1. They look so cosy. Lovely pattern. Gorgeous yarn

    1. Wool socks are strangely cool in the summer but warm in the winter. The only other socks I have are some for my netball which are mainly cotton.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Susie. I seem to be attracted to sock patterns with name of flowers and plants at the moment. I wonder why? The new socks on the needles are called Blue Chicory.

  3. Your socks are so pretty, I love the complicated patterns that you knit. Enjoy.

    1. Hurrah Mandy, so pleased to hear this...not cause of the pattern, but that you have managed to 'post'. Yes I look out for these patterns, just something to keep me focused. Not easy to watch TV though, radio is great.