Sunday, 2 February 2020

Sunday Breakfast the Sourdough Way

Our regular loaf is mainly sourdough and this week's supply coming out of the oven on Saturday morning, after a final banneton rise in the conservatory overnight, was a batch of Sunflower Seed Sourdough.

Later in the day there was a little leak of the overactive newly refreshed sourdough mother in the fridge, and obviously some had to removed.  I popped a few tablespoons into a dish, and added some wholemeal Buckwheat Flour from Doves Farm, added some milk and an egg, and popped the covered dish back in the fridge.

This morning we had three 'pikelets' each.  With fresh blueberries pushed into the raw side in the frying pan on half, and the second half had some chopped pistachios added.  Served with more fresh blueberries, sheep's yogurt for me, and goat's for him, more pistachios and a drizzle of local honey.  Pineapple Keffir with loads of tiny bubbles: my homemade 'buckfizz' and coffee.

Buckwheat and blueberry pikelets


  1. That is an impressive breakfast!

    1. Trick of the camera Brian, the placemat is folded in half, we also use dessert knives and forks...the scale can be seen through the blueberries. We have most meals off 'small plates'. The joys of retirement is that Mr S and I can indulge leisurely meals, chat and we can enjoy the views of the garden and birds on the seed.