Monday, 19 October 2015

Apple Day at Hill Close Gardens

We both cycled all the way from Kenilworth to Warwick for the Apple Day at Hill Close Gardens......for me one of the longest cycles for a long time.  I'm on my bike most days, but just poddling around town maybe with loads of shopping in my panniers, on whizzing to the gym with my sports togs on.  Mr S has been cycling to work when the weather has been fine, and he is feeling up to it.

What a delightful few hours we spent there!  We used to be 'friends' of the gardens, but allowed this to lapse a few years ago.  We know the layout, and had also bought a little apple tree there three years ago.

Some clever person had made some seasonal wreaths with fruit, and even conkers.  I'm sure they would have been all sold out by the end of the day...had we been in the car, I am sure that one of these would have come back with me!

Penny was on the Stall for Warwickshire Tree Wardens and she was able to 'admire' David's new slim line shape!  We bought some apples, I bought a little French Tarragon plant which I shall have to protect through the winter...and generally enjoyed looking round the stalls and gardens.  In some of the gardens there are very pretty restored houses, and this one has a nice collection of old tools

One of the gardens had a good selection of asters, mostly named varieties, but I loved this light one

They had made great use of their auricula house for a display of pumpkins and gourds.

One of the plots had a very tidy greenhouse with succulents and chillis.

Of course it was apple day, and with the many old varieties which are grown on the gardens, there was a spotless display...

and visitors were enjoying having a go at guess the weight of their largest apple

What not to like about Dahlias, and without any frosts one of the plots had some excellent plants, and this one of 'Spanish Dancer' was really looking superb.


  1. We enjoyed our visit to Hill Close gardens last year - it must have been interesting to have a closer look at all the different apple varieties.

    1. There were apples, pears, and quices too. We were able to taste many of them too, and also later purchase big bags full. Mr S and I are sharing one a day, and discussing their differences!

  2. I fell in love with those apple wreaths - what a great idea!

    1. They had many more, some using red crab apples...they were like jewels, and together with herbs, were really you feel that they would be great to make for Halloween! Maybe some gourds, too.

  3. I do like the Spanish Dancer Dahlia. I will now go and have a look at the Hill Close garden website.