Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fothergilla gardenii Blue Mist

This is how my Fothergilla gardenii Blue Mist is looking this week.  The blue leaved plant is starting to turn...this picture does not do it justice, but it is so attractive that the pot has been moved close to the conservatory, so that I can, if necessary, sit inside away from any rain, and still admire the changing colours.

I first bought this plant last year in October, on my visit to Chris Pattison's Brookend Nursery.  I had been admiring this plant in the garden of my Honey Provider Mick Smith for several years.  His wife Pat is a discerning gardener, and their small garden has always something special to admire.

What I like about this plant is that it has at least two seasons of interest..the sweet scented flowers in the spring, then the autumn colour...but I love the shape and detail of the summer leaves and their matt blue green colour.  Then in the winter it has a lovely stem structure.  All in all one of my top five plants in the garden this past year.

It had turned the wonderful red colour when I first brought it home from the nursery,

and this spring the bottle brush flowers came out...

I have found a great extract from The Plantsman, and reading this I wonder whether I have Blue Shadow as the Autumn colours are quite spectacular.  Cuttings are best from soft wood in late spring.


  1. I,ll just have to get one of these now ! :)

    1. Hope you find one and enjoy it! If you can wait, I hear that it is not too difficult to propagate it, so when there are a few twigs which need pruning next summer, I shall have a go. You can be first on my list its first rooted cuttings.