Friday, 30 October 2015

Day out at Mary Arden's Farm

Remembering her last visit two years ago to Mary Arden's Farm, Izzi's decision on a day out yesterday was a return there.  We all had a great time, and with few visitors there, we could look over the various houses, and animals.  I particularly loved the curly pigs, and baby long horn cattle.

Izzi got to carve her big pumpkin, and I loved chatting to the lady cooking lunch over the open fire in the hearth.  We went upstairs and saw how people slept on the floor, except the master or mistress who would have a more comfortable four posted bed.

One little highlight was watching a family of squirrels play in an old crab apple tree.

One of the big boughs was hollow, and different heads kept peeping out at us.  They were not at all distracted by us as we watched them munch on crab apples.

Izzi and Veronica were playing an old game, later we had dressing up, and drawing.

I enjoyed looking round and  admiring the Falconer's room,

with beautiful embroidered gloves

There was a basket maker, and this reminded Veronica how much she enjoyed her day workshop making a small basket.

They were having mutton shaped like a pear for part of their lunch.  They were often filled with gooseberry sauce, as a sort of joke I think, but I am sure it would go well with the mutton.  When we got home, I was inspired to make minced turkey shaped like a pear.  Those Elizabethans loved their jokes, so in true spirit I added a date stuffed with a brazil nut in the middle to resemble the centre of a pear.

A few spices, chopped sage from the garden, some shallot and garlic softened in a little butter, and mixed with the turkey meat, a slice of my sourdough made into fine breadcrumbs, and an egg to bind the lot.  They were all baked in the oven on baking parchment, and we all enjoyed them.  The little spring of rosemary is added for decoration after baking.  Roasted chestnuts, sweet potato with fennel seeds and other spices and peas for the little one...added roasted red onions for the rest of us.  Baked figs for pudding!


  1. I don't imagine there is any left for visitors!

    1. If only, can you imagine how nice it must taste being cooked over a wood fire? You just get to watch them eat, but I enjoyed talking with the cook.