Thursday, 8 October 2015

Haworthia Tessellata in flower

I first acquired this little succulent last year at the Shrewsbury Show.  Sometimes the leaves appear full and plump, and sometimes more flat...whatever its condition, it is fascinating to look at its leaves from the top surface.  Sometimes it is called Star Window Plant, which is completely apt.

From the initial one rosette I now have three.  The first rosette has sent up flower spikes, but I have pulled the stem out.  The latest one I have left...and it must be about the longest flower stem in proportion to the plant that I have seen.

70cm long, and it is still growing

The individual flowers are quite delicate and have a green lines...

The plant is in full sun, which is why I think the leaves are a little shrunken.  I shall move it to a little more shaded area and see if the leaves plump up again.

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