Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ocado came to the rescue ...arriving at food shopping on line rather late

I guess many people are already shopping on line and having a timed delivery.  I have just had my first delivery!  Why now...just because I wanted some Swedish sugar pearls, and the only place I could get it without large postage charges was Ocado.

The whole experience has been an eye opener..so easy.  I had to call the help desk once and the person on the end of the line was so pleasant, easy to talk to, listened to me, made suggestions..and I now have my stash of sugar pearls, but two will be passed to other bakers. I also got some other flour including Maize flour....The delivery man was very helpful too.

I had a present too of a colourful tea towel.  They even suggest inviting a friend and there would be a £20 discount for each the friend and myself.  So if you would like to try this, then leave a message below, and we could both benefit.

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