Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Anpan - Japanese Sweet Buns stuffed with red bean paste

When I tasted the red bean paste I made earlier, I knew that these were going to be special.  These buns are from Japan.  These little baked yeasted sweet buns with their stuffing, which tastes similar to chocolate orange, uses the scalded dough technique.

The dough is enriched with milk, egg, butter and sugar, and after they have been formed and have had their last rest, have an egg white glaze then go into the oven for about 15 minutes.  Although the recipe says no flour on the worksurface, I did use a teeny weeney amount on my hands and the surface when shaping the buns: dough weight uncooked for each bun was about 40g, with 12g or thereabouts filling.

Twenty little buns wait to cool....

The crumb is very soft and tender, and the filling won't be long before they are eaten, and the frozen red bean paste, and rest of the glaze is defrosted and a second batch made.  This was the bake for the first half of November in The Book of Buns challenge on Facebook.  This is my 33rd bake from the book...

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