Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Doughy Christmas

I really love baking, and baking bread is a passion of mine, not least because I love yeasty aromas and the huge range of breads I can make at home.  My great Friend Vicki whom I met over 10 years ago, really got me going once more on my bread baking journey, after I had taken a break after a solid 7 years of  bread baking in my younger days.

One Christmas I received a lovely present from Vicki: Bread from ciabatta to rye, by Linda Collister.  So I am very much still enjoying that Christmas Present.

Vicki and I were only discussing various baking books recently and mentioned this author, so when Mr S asked for a white loaf for this week, it was to that book I turned, and the Challah loaf.  Yes I have listened to Mr S who really prefers his white loaf without seeds, so I omitted the poppy seeds..but for a little change to the norm opted to use oil which is suggested as an alternative to the butter which I have always used in the past.

I used my cold pressed extra virgin Yorkshire Oil Seed Rape Oil, and the result is still as good as when made with butter.  With 700g flour and three eggs as well as the oil, it does give a rather large loaf.  Usually I make two plaits, but as I am in my phase of practising different shaped rolls and I am also playing with my new ingredients of very small sugar nibs...

I give you a special little bun for Christmas Day Breakfast to have with the lovely Mulberry Jam made in the summer from Janice's Mulberries.

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  1. I haven,t made bread for a very long time..I might check out this book .