Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Book Worms

Isn't is just wonderful to see children enjoy reading for themselves!  Yesterday we spent a wonderful day together, and a peep into Izzi's room gave this great view of the reading corner.

In the weeks and days leading up the Christmas the household had been preparing...Izzi took me into the garden and showed me where the door was in the fairy house at the bottom of the pear tree..and the theme continued to the table decorations.  This lovely one Veronica had made by painting a twig and hanging on more fairies.

Izzi had been watching Junior Bake Off, and is maybe one of the youngest fans of Mary Berry...and had followed her suggestion of making place names for everyone.

The buns for tea were freshly made, with Izzi's own choice of varied seed toppings..enough for today and the second large batch of guests expected on Boxing Day.

Izzie's present to me, and one she bought herself was one of Mary Berry's Books:  Cook Now Bake Later...and guess some of the presents going the other way!  Book of Buns by Jane Mason to Veronica, and Baking Bread Together  for Izzi, from me.

And now, I am ordering a book for myself.

Liz lent me this really lovely book a few weeks ago, and I have been snatching a few paragraphs at the end of each day from The Morville Hours by Katherine Swift, and enjoying it so much.  Its a book that I would want to read many times..anyone who loves history, stories about gardening, the countryside and wildlife would love this one.  By all means borrow it from the Library, which I would have done, if Liz insisted on having her book back in a timely fashion, but this is one I want to keep on my shelves, keep dipping into again and again.  After all if Liz has it back now, it will be there for her to lend out and allow some else to become beguiled!  I want to be able to write notes in mine...

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