Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Knitting during that in between time

After seeing the scarf at Upton House, and ferreting around in my stash, I came across a ball of Mille Colori Socks and Lace yarn in autumnal colours, which was just the right gauge for a fine scarf, and I am using 3mm needles.  Having found the pattern on line at the V & A, and as it is an ancient pattern devised for 'knitting for the troups', here it is in case you have problems downloading this free pattern.


Materials: 4 oz. of Jaeger "Super-Spun" ("J.S." Quality)
Fingering, 4 -ply, (9d. per oz.), and 1 pair of No. 7 Jaeger knitting needles. Measurements: Length, 50 inches; width, 9.5 inches.
Tension: 6 stitches to 1 inch in width, and 15 rows to 2 inches in depth.
Abbreviations: K. = knit; p. = purl; sts. = stitches; rep. = repeat.
Casting-on: If you cast on with two needles work into the back of all cast on sts. to produce firm edges, but if you use the thumb method this is not necessary.

Begin at the lower edge. Cast on 58 sts. using No. 7 needles and work in pattern as follows: 1st row - * K.4, p.4. Rep. from * finishing k.2. This row forms the pattern. Continue in pattern until the work measures 50 inches from the beginning. Cast off.
Press the work on the wrong side with a warm iron and damp cloth.

Its a very easy pattern, and is quite the thing to knit and watch TV, or chat and wait for that cup of coffee to cool etc, and in between Christmas and the New Year.  Here it is about three quarters knitted up.  When it is washed and flattened out, it will of course be wider, but with the just the right hint of pleating which I so admired in the original.

The succulent is my 'pleated' one called Crassula falcata x pyramidal Buddha's temple.  I had taken cuttings from my original plant and now have three plants in one pot.

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