Tuesday, 29 December 2015

In a Vase on Monday - Paradox?

Cathy is runs this meme was still up for this despite being away from home.  Her entry is really beautiful and reminded me of the pale moonlight nights we have been enjoying.

This word: Paradox has been like a word worm in my head every since Christmas Eve...maybe my mind is in a bit of a scramble, and I haven't quite used it right, but with the other wormword: dilemma, I have reached the situation, where I shall post late ....

Whenever there is a full moon I seem to feel a little 'strange'...and surely I felt that the night was not quite right as I wondered to the back of the house and looked out, and saw the garden absolutely bathed in light, with strong moon shadows.  A huge clear moon was in the sky. Probably the most rational explanation is that when there is a little light around I don't seem to sleep so well.  But I have felt really well, full of energy, happiness and have been out for lots of walks.  I do have really thick curtains with blackouts, but I just seem to sense the light!

Then there is the warm weather...when its my birthday it is really supposed to be cold and frosty...but it is so warm, that we have had to remove the winter duvet and revert to much lighter bedclothes.

When its my birthday the florists are still usually closed if a bank holiday is declared in lieu, and I have no flowers at all...but there are roses still in the garden.

I could have posted this yesterday....but I had other things to do.  I had thought of having a 'holiday'...its such a strange time.  Everyone seems to be 'resting' up after the big day...so today I went out and cut some roses, again a couple of stems of Grace, and there are similarities between my arrangement and our meals...using left overs, and adding salady things etc.  I added some white crocheted 'snowflakes' when the vase was in the living room to remind us of what it ought to be like outside.

So I give you my Paradox:  Roses in the middle of Winter from a British Garden together with the left overs from last week's arrangement.  I use the meaning of Paradox as 'combining contradictory features or qualities':  Summer Roses with winter berries and heathers, here with the Christmas Tree in the foreground, just to prove that this is not a joke picture taken in the summer with red plastic berries.


  1. Oh and another December birthday, Noelle - hope you had a very lovely day :) Learning more about the effect of the moon on bodies of water I can appreciate the logic of it having an effect on humans too, made up of so much water as we are. I am sure the new moon has an effect too... How lovely to have gorgeous roses for your winter birthday and a paradox indeed to see them with festive greenery and trimmings. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Cathy, I did...and one of my pressies is The Plant Lover's Guide to Asters! We are looking forward to having Helen come to talk at our gardening club too this year. Also today I picked up a New Vase! Please post more about the Moon...

  2. I enjoyed your paradox, I wish I also could still put roses in my vase, and lovely with the red berries and crocheted ornaments. I did take photos of one with a Christmas setting last summer for this occasion, though, as a side vase. I share the Christmas season birthday, along with my baby sister and my last daughter who shares your name; it always makes Christmas special and as an adult people tend to remember my birthday more, though as a child I never had a decent party.

    1. So a very Happy Birthday to you too! And with your little sister, and your daughter, I am sure you join up to remind everyone and hence make a lovely celebration of your birthdays. I had a few cards, but I tend not to do that much for my birthday. Its a strange time in the UK...I think people have had a surfeit over Christmas...and for that reason I choose to have an official birthday mid year, most years!