Sunday, 13 December 2015

Baby Buckingham Blanket

Its over five years since I last designed and knitted a baby blanket.  For my very special one, I designed a blanket in 3 ply pure wool, and I must have overestimated the amount I needed by a long way!  As the wool was so very soft and beautiful, I kept what I knew would be sufficient for a second blanket.

A few months ago, we were delighted to hear that one of Mr S's team was expecting his first baby..and it for their first baby that I have chosen to design and knit this second baby blanket.  I looked up baby blankets and found that the standard size is 100 cm by 75 cm.  I also wondered whether young parents would want a lacy design...In the end I designed a geometric pattern, made up of squares of stocking stitch and moss stitch,  with a garter stitch border.

Today I wrapped it up, together with a ball band and washing instructions.  It is washed and ready to use.  Folded it will be a multiple layer blanket for a carry cot, it is also large enough to act as a shawl to wrap the little baby in, and later on a cot.

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  1. There's nothing more special than a hand knit, feather soft and light baby blanket. What a lucky child to be blessed with such a gift.