Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Inspired by Friends

One of the blogs I follow is Daisy Deb's.  A few weeks back she posted about making a lovely wreath from material from her garden.

Just as I had decided to focus on a more simpler Christmas, I was also starting to feel that I was missing out by not being sucked in by all the media hype:...lets be will lots of friends and family each of the days, lets spend lots of money on expensive gifts, lets spend and decorate the house with the latest 'good taste' decorations..which oddly change dramatically each year!  I have received gifts and ideas from friends and family in previous years, and somehow I feel completely blessed by them, and they come back each year to make this time of year special for me.

I walked out into the garden and surely with the little bit of sunshine, and the birds flitting about in the garden, I started once more to feel at ease.  With my secateurs in hand, I snipped at long vines of wild dark green ivy growing over the fence from adjacent gardens, then found the bag of holly which I had cut a few days back in the shed, together with some lovely aromatic conifer snippings, and a bit of spare gold ribbon, made up this wreath.

It is just made by twisting the ivy round and round, then weaving other bits in.  There is no wire or the whole thing, minus the ribbon,  and crocheted snowflakes by Cynthia, can be tossed into the recycling bin, when the twelve days of Christmas are over.

All I need to do now is find that hook, and ask Mr S to climb up the ladder and fix it to the Apex of our porch.  Thanks so much to Daisy Debs....Happy Christmas to you and to all my family and friends.


  1. ....and you have lovely red berries too ! My tree only has a very few berries on this year . Have a Happy and peaceful Christmas .

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  3. A very Happy Christmas to you, too, Noelle. I assume you've seen that the Daily Mirror has staged its own tribute to you this morning as well?

    1. No I haven't seen any present I am steering clear of them but will see if there is anything on line...anyway, why not put something about this on your blog for me. A Very Happy Christmas to you too