Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Celeriac, apple and fennel seed Ferment

My friend Mandy and I are on a bit of a 'fermentation' journey.  For ages we have both been developing our Sourdough Skills, and now we are adventuring and exploring the world of ferments.We are sharing experiments, holding each others hands etc. For some reason only known to the 'gremlins', Mandy is unable to post comments to my blog, so  we have even formed a  Facebook group  so as to be able to put up too many comments, pictures, links etc, than we would want to put up on our blogs.

After making a very successful carrot ferment, I was looking for the next one to try.  I just happened to havea celeriac grown locally which I bought up at Wells Market.  A quick search with key words found a recipe to inspire.  It has to be given a little  tweeking, with the dill seed being the substitute for mustard seed.  I also added some yogurt whey.

 With just a small grater, and a little lemon juice to avoid discoloration of the celeriac..

When it came to keeping the veg from floating up, I looked around for something and ended up filling a bag with brine and putting it in the jar.  I'm not sure if that is the best because of the plastic, but we shall see.

The jar was filled, and capped, and the kitchen cleaned......

For a few days it is sitting in its saucer to catch the drips....

The celeriac was so big, the remains were roasted...delicious.

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